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Marble is one of those materials that has the ability to make a kitchen or room in a home or hotel look exquisite. Often, however, marble is associated with certain features, such as floor tiles or countertops, and its use doesn’t venture much out of those categories. Marble, when used creatively, can be striking in a space and upgrade the aesthetic. Here are some ways that you can use marble that are outside the ordinarily associated uses:

Coffee Table

A block of rectangular marble can be used as a coffee table in the living room, and bring together the room. There are so many different types and colors of marble that there is sufficient opportunity to either match other critical features in the room or pose it as a statement piece. A marble coffee table pairs exceptionally well with a darker wooden floor, providing a balance of organic elements. Aside from aesthetic, it is also easy to clean, and just about anything you place on the table, from a vase of flowers to a coffee table book, can accent the room.

Fireplace Accent

Using marble to frame or accent the fireplace, especially lighter shades of marble, will successfully create both an expensive and a classical feel. Marble also provides a colder element to balance the warmer elements of the fireplace, and stabilizes it aesthetically, contextualizing it in relation to the rest of the room. It can play a crucial role in shifting a living room with a fireplace from being “homey” and “cozy” to be “luxurious” and “classical.”


Bathroom Features

Choosing select features of your bathroom to be comprised of marble can take a traditional bath up a couple of notches. Choose areas that you want to draw attention to while keeping in mind the balance of the room. If you are planning to install a marble bathtub on the right side of the room, make sure that you are also installing marble to the left side of the room, whether this comes in the form of a decorative pedestal or a sink. Balance is absolutely vital when using marble to elevate a space.