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Windows are integral parts of buildings that can contribute to giving the building an elevated touch of luxury. Architectural designers and engineers have come up with different types of windows which, once fitted, can not only allow in the much-needed ventilation and light but also contribute to the building’s decorative style. As far as the use of windows in boosting the value of buildings is concerned, three window types stand out.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are designed as large expenses of glass-fitted openings on the wall of houses. They are rarely designed to open for ventilation purposes. The transparent or translucent glass can allow insufficient light from outside. They are a perfect combination in luxury homes and houses, especially those in upper floors. When strategically positioned, picture windows give occupants a scenic view of the surrounding.

They are also a perfect element to include in houses located in surroundings with great natural features. When appropriately incorporated in buildings, picture windows are great energy-saving features and require the accompaniment of additional openable windows for ventilation purposes in the building.

Slider Windows

Slider windows, as the name suggests, are designed to open sideways to offer clear views of the surrounding and ventilation. These window types are particularly suitable for countryside homes where a great view of the outside environment is a great added feature for the occupants. Slider windows, if properly constructed with material such as transparent or translucent glass, can help a house to become energy-efficient.

Designed to slide open, the windows can be used for both ground floor and upper floor windows as they do not cause external inconveniences by obstructing outside traffic when open. They are also a great feature to incorporate in houses which have balconies on the windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are designed as projected and angled windows which slightly extend outside the wall facade as a cornered or curved structure. These windows are great as they offer optimal window surface, a great feature in helping to allow as much light as possible. Most bay windows offer additional spaces where the window sill can accommodate some potted flowers or even a couch. These window types are common in living rooms and bedrooms where an individual can enjoy the vast expanse of scenic views outside.