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For years, starting a home renovation meant that you were putting value into your home in the form of additional rooms or upgrading it in terms of cosmetics. Today, however, value is still the end-goal for many homeowners, but the manner in which that value is reached has drastically changed. Due to innovations in technology and the changing of needs for the younger generation, homeowners are now coming to the realization that value comes from incorporating smart home devices. So, what exactly should you add? Read on to learn some of the best techs to add to your next home renovation.

Smart DoorBell Device

Today, more than ever, the average homeowner is seeing more and more people coming to their front doorstep. This is due to the introduction of multiple delivery services, such as Amazon delivery and food delivery services. This can also lead to incidents where people pretend to be something they are not. Homeowners want to feel confident and safe before they open their doors, and that is why installing a smart doorbell device is critical. The device is rather easy to install, with the only requirement being a connection to your phone.

Smart Home Smoke Detector

Although traditional smoke detectors are good at what they do, they can usually only do one thing at a time. Introducing smart home smoke detectors into every room of the home will increase your security level as they can detect not only smoke but also CO2. Detecting CO2 is especially important as humans cannot easily detect it as smoke is, thus, making it much more dangerous. In addition, once one smoke detector goes off, it then alerts the rest of the devices around the home to go off as well.

Smart Speakers

If you’re coming into a dark home with a handful of groceries or kids, you may not have the option to get to your light switches quickly. Adding smart speakers around the house will provide you with the opportunity to simply ask your speaker to turn your lights on. Of course, these smart speakers do much more than turn your lights on; they also allow you to order groceries, call family, and much much more.