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We all use bathrooms daily. In fact, it has been proven that we spend about two hours and 30 minutes each week in the bathroom. This amounts to about three months in our lifetime. If there is one place that you will, therefore, need to decorate and include a taste of luxurious features, then it is the bathroom. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your bathroom with luxury features.

Make it Spacious

Real estate experts agree that spacious bathrooms are a modern-day desirable property feature. Making the bathroom as spacious as possible gives you room to incorporate new elements of luxury, such as bathroom couches and countertops. Besides, the additional space gives you a sense of freedom and relaxation.

Include Large Windows

There is nothing as gorgeous as having a bathroom with large windows fitted with one-way mirror glass. The huge windows give you a scenic view of the environment and are particularly suited for homes located in the countryside where you can catch a scenic view of the environment from the bathroom.

Marble the Room

Designing a bathroom fitted with marble fittings and structures adds to the luxury feel. Walls, sinks, and countertops that are fitted with differently colored marble can give your bathroom a taste of uniqueness and luxury.

Balance Textured Finishes

You may also want to boost the finishes in your bathroom to give them a balance of different fine textures. Using the shiny chrome finish for all the metallic parts in the bathroom and contrasting them with shiny elements, such as glossy floor tiles, creates a contrast like no other. A couple of other finishes, such as textured wallpaper, help break the shiny finish with a rough texture.

Include a Sunken Bathtub

We are so much used to a raised bathtub that incorporating a sunken bathtub in your bathroom would give you a different taste of luxury altogether. Besides, the fact that the tub is sunken creates a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom while adding to the space available for use for other bathroom implements.

Incorporate Accent Lighting

To help lift your bathroom to a whole new level of overall ambiance, you may think of incorporating accent lighting. This feature works great with virtually every other luxury feature as it helps to highlight certain fittings, such as ornamentals, and lifts the finishes and textures in the bathroom.