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It’s no mystery that moving can be an expensive endeavour, but you can do plenty beforehand to save some extra money.

Keep an Eye Out for Free Furniture and Decor

Furnishing a home or even an apartment can rack up quite the bill. If the funds aren’t there to buy all new furniture, then used items are the way to go. Many thrift stores, garage sales, and local recycling places are packed with inexpensive or even free furniture items of all kinds. Facebook Marketplace and various social media platforms also provide access to second-hand furniture items in a specific region.

Scope Out the Best Electric and Gas Deals

Many individuals forget that they are not required to stick with the same electric company that they have had for years. Frequently, there is a company offering a better deal or sale. This helps save some money on the monthly utility bill. Just do a little research on companies in the area.

Try Borrowing Tools Instead of Buying Your Own

Moving into a new place can also involve home improvement and a list of projects to do. Rather than purchasing new tools and devices, it is best to ask neighbours and friends to loan their tools. Having to buy many tools can be expensive, but if borrowing from someone is a possibility for a day or two, the costs can be cut significantly.

Use Those Coupons

Once moved into the new place, there will be bills for necessities. Use saved-up coupons for food and grocery purchases. Coupons can be found in weekly supermarket flyers or even on mobile apps to help save on everyday living expenses.

Forget the Cardboard Boxes

A majority of people purchase cardboard boxes and bubble wrap when moving. While a few of these may be necessary, it’s best if laundry baskets and other home storage are used instead. There is no cost and less waste to deal with once moved in. If boxes are the only option, they can be sold after use if kept in good condition.