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One of the most popular ways to learn about an industry and keep up with that industry’s latest news is YouTube. This is especially true for the Real Estate industry. Realtors from all over the world have gone to YouTube to share their knowledge, talk about the biggest trends, and so much more. YouTube is loaded with people trying to put their input out into the world though, which can make finding the best videos and channels hard to find. Here are a few of the most worthwhile YouTube channels discussing real estate in 2022.

The Restoration Couple

The Restoration Couple is a UK-based YouTube channel that features a variety of videos. Their videos are often focused on improving the value of homes and land, and they often feature tricks and tips that people can easily implement themselves. This channel is great for anyone who is looking to increase the value of their property without a lot of investment.

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds is a YouTube personality who offers a variety of tricks and tips for anyone who is looking to improve their real estate career. His channel has over 200,000 subscribers, and he posts new videos almost every day. His videos are longer than most, typically over an hour, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking to learn more about investing in future property growth or selling a piece of land, this is the channel for you.

Phil Pustejovsky

One of the most popular real estate investment YouTubers is Phil Pustejovsky. His channel features a variety of videos that are focused on helping people who are looking to buy or sell property all around the world. Aside from selling land, he also covers other topics such as personal finances and investing in real estate. His channel has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, and it has a vast library of older videos, meaning it’ll take you a while to get through them all.

Property Tribes

The Property Tribes YouTube channel is a high-quality channel that brings you the latest news and articles about the real estate industry. On some weeks, they can feature multiple videos that provide you with the latest insider information about the market. The channel has over 13,000 followers and they even have other content on the Internet if you want more from them, such as their blog.