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If you’re looking for a way to improve your knowledge about real estate, podcasts are a great resource. They can be used to talk about investing, home improvement, and other topics related to homeownership. Some of the greatest real estate professionals in the world have gone out of their way to create shows that keep their listeners in the loop when it comes to real estate news, as well as share their own knowledge and experience with those who are trying to improve their own real estate skills. Here are a few of the best real estate podcasts worth listening to in 2022.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is focused on real estate professionals and investors. Hosts Turner and Greene talk with investors about their goals and the various investment options they have available. The show has over 400 episodes worth checking out, so you’re bound to find one on the topics you’re most interested in. The show is also still going, with 2 new episodes coming out each week.

House Party

If you’re a fan of celebrity home transactions and the buying and selling of real estate, House Party is the perfect option. This weekly podcast from talks about the latest trends in the industry, as well as the stories of real estate professionals who have experienced home disasters. Co-hosts Stults and Way have also shared their own experiences of moving across the country, the disasters they’ve faced, and so much more. Not only will you learn more about real estate, but you’ll also likely be heavily entertained by their fun and humorous storytelling.

RentPrep For Landlords

The weekly podcast from the rent-screening company, RentPrep, provides advice and news to property managers and landlords. It’s also dedicated to answering questions about what landlords should do when it comes to various issues such as pests and entering a property. This show is also great for people who are trying to maintain a positive relationship with their landlord. It can help them learn about their rights and address any issues that might arise when living in a rental property.

The Money Pit Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping people become do-it-yourself home maintenance experts. While the hosts talk about design and renovations, they also focus on the maintenance and repair of their homes. Co-hosts Kraeutler and Segrete have backgrounds in both carpentry and home inspection. During the podcast, they’ll talk about the various issues that people face when it comes to maintaining their homes. The show releases two episodes a week and has a large archive of episodes to check out if you’re interested in something specific.