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Plumbers have been around for a long time, but the industry is far from static. Technology is actually changing the way that plumbers operate. Some of those changes reflect the changing tastes of consumers, but others simply make the job easier or help with running small businesses.


Increasing Demand for Efficient Products

Consumers want to go green. That often means choosing products that use as little water and energy as possible. Plumbers are seeing an increased demand for efficient plumbing fixtures.


Water-saving designs are the most notable example, but they are not the only products that are seeing a surge in popularity. Consumers are also interested in installing solar water heaters and other devices that can save power.


Digital Cameras Improve Inspections

Pipes tend to run through awkward places that can be difficult for plumbers to access. Digital cameras are providing a solution to that problem. A plumber can insert the camera into a tight place and use it to get a good look at the plumbing without needing to tear the area apart.


Computerized Administration is Key

The business side of plumbing is also changing. Modern consumers get most of their information from the Internet, and plumbing businesses have had to adapt. Digital advertising is vital to attracting customers. Some plumbers use banner ads, others use informational blogs, and many of them are relying on social media.


Computer software can also automate many routine tasks in an office. These programs can schedule appointments, reorder supplies, and even coordinate marketing campaigns. New payment platforms make it easier for customers to make payments as well as generate reports and provide fraud protection. They help plumbers by slashing the amount of time that they need to spend on administrative tasks and by reducing the risk of making a mistake. These programs can also reduce or even eliminate the use of paper in the office. That saves money and helps plumbers to appeal to eco-friendly consumers.


New Plumbing Procedures are Available

Plumbers are even introducing new procedures to their arsenals. For example, some plumbers are using new techniques to join pipes through crimping. That eliminates the need for soldering, which often requires special permits due to the open flame. Other innovations save time when doing small repairs to drains. Those may seem like minor things, but they can save a lot of time and money in the long run.


These are just some of the ways technology is impacting the plumbing industry. It will be interesting to see the new innovations that will emerge in the next decade.