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Employee retention is one of the significant workplace issues confronting firms today. Eighty percent of employees considering a move say it’s because they are worried about their professional development. Workers want more than simply higher pay. They also desire the flexibility to work from home, flexible working hours, and chances for professional progression. Once employed, millennials have lower employee turnover than non-millennials as they advance inside a firm to management levels. Establishing a people-first culture that appreciates employee needs, listens, and recognizes the need for change in the workplace is crucial in enhancing employee happiness and retention. This holds for every industry. 

Any construction firm looking to expand must learn how to employ the right staff. A successful and cost-efficient construction recruitment plan is essential whether you’re looking for a superintendent, project manager, customer service agent, salesperson, or supply chain specialist.

Your business will inevitably need to recruit millennials – by 2025, they will make up nearly 75% of the world’s workforce. Use technology to employ construction workers by taking advantage of social media channels.

The pandemic exacerbated an already acute scarcity of competent construction workers at practically all levels. The construction industry needs thousands of monthly recruits to keep up with industry expansion and the loss of workers retiring or permanently departing the field. This sum indicates a need for an extra 2.2 million recruits for the construction industry from 2022 to 2024. For this reason, construction businesses in the present market face serious competition, higher salaries, and a smaller talent pool. To have a plan of action for hiring, you will need to establish your company’s brand, use specialized recruiters, conduct compelling interviews, and be open to providing ongoing training. 

 Contrary to popular belief, developing a brand to draw workers is just as crucial as developing one to attract clients. You are competing with other companies looking to hire, so you must give potential workers a reason to choose you over your rivals. Safety should be at the head of your marketing campaign. It is one of the main issues in the construction sector and a priority that must be emphasized. Putting your safety procedures on display is a great way to show how much you value your staff. Discuss your history of long-term safety, how you handle workplace dangers, and your future improvement plans via your communication channels.

Mental health is a concern across all industries. Construction used to be stigmatized by long hours. Employers now encourage flexible schedules, shift-sharing, hybrid work arrangements, and mental health breaks.