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We all have a dream kitchen that has the right colors, textures and materials. The recent kitchen trends include going modern with bold colors. Black matte is also popular as are shelves on backsplashes. However, the most important part of the kitchen is often an afterthought, especially if the homeowners do not cook: the appliances. They are becoming more important since you can customize them with different colors and finishes. Yet, their most impressive features are their technological advances. Ovens, refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers (and small appliances) have gone high-tech, which equates to luxury. Let’s take a look at some key luxury appliances. 


The Oven – Like many appliances, ovens changed their shape and heating elements due to technology. They have come a long way from cooking food from metal cauldrons over a fire to electric ovens. Today, ovens have touch screens, apps, dual heating, and connectivity (e.g. Alexa). For an industrial look, the Gaggenau 400 Series ovens are a great choice. They are designed by Bang & Olufsen and have many intuitive features. The doors open with a touch of the TFT display and you can create your own configurations, including combi-steam ovens and combi-microwaves. Miele ovens also allow you to choose configurations along with sleek designs. However, their convection ovens are the most impressive. They offer a number of features to ensure your meal will be the perfect temperature and have the perfect amount of moisture with the Moisture Plus, special modes for baking and MasterChef automatic programs for perfect recipes. 


The Range — Many interchange the word “stove” and “range.” They are very similar, but the range is a one-piece that has a cooktop with an oven. A cooktop is built into the counter, providing limited cooking options. Wolf is a brand that is a kitchen standard in high-performance kitchens. The ranges come in gas, electric or both as well as one or two oven cavities. The 48” six-burner rangetop with an infrared griddle is a space saver. However, the AGA Masterchef Deluxe 110cm offers more flexibility with a 5-zone induction hob and removable racks. You can get it in an array of colors, including cranberry and Dartmouth blue. 


The Refrigerator — When it comes to luxury with refrigerators, many think of sub-zero’s. A sub-zero is full-size refrigeration. They can come with customize panels to coordinate with your kitchen cabinetry as well as sizes and widths. The Sub-Zero PRO4850 Refrigerator/Freezer offers a professional look with its dual refrigeration, oven-proof bins for marinating and storage, and glass door for viewing. Miele also makes luxury refrigerators that can stack up against a Sub-Zero. For example, the MasterCool French Door refrigerator offers elegant design with the latest innovations, including the SmartFresh system, Wi-Fi connectivity and No Frost system. Also, the sleek doors open simply by pressing them. 


These are only a few of the high-end appliances you can get to create your futuristic kitchen. Most are intuitive and respond to voice commands. They also have more storage and customizations to match any family and kitchen decor.