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Refurbishing homes can be a daunting task, especially when the house has the potential to be a stunning luxury property. It is full of difficult decisions, careful planning, and efficient budgeting. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most for your money and refurbishing efforts before you flip the house:

Use High-Quality Materials

This is a simple one. Low-quality materials lead to a low-quality property, and will often quickly deteriorate or look cheap after the house is sold. It will also lead to a poor reputation if, as soon as the house is sold, it becomes clear that the materials are not as quality as expected. It is essential for quality, longevity, and reputation to use only the highest quality materials, whether that be wood, marble, pipes, or elsewhere.

Consider Style Carefully

The difference between a home and a luxury home lies in style. It is necessary to plan out style carefully, down to the very detail. The whole house must be on the same page regarding the intention and quality of style. Keep in mind, as well, what colors and materials and features are compatible with others. It is possible to create a high-quality home by mixing multiple styles and elements, but it must be intentional regarding compatibility and how they look and affect the essence of the space.

Master the Basics

Often, when you are planning to refurbish or reconstruct a luxury home, it is easy to focus all your energy on the design details, the fireplaces, the doors, the parapets, the floors, and aspects of the design. Sometimes, when caught up in this process, it is easy to forget about the basics, such as lighting, piping, plumbing, heating, and other less exciting elements. Make sure that you are paying attention to these with equal amounts of care as you are the more grandiose details of the property. This property should be superior in every way, all the way down to the plumbing.