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When marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you had hoped, it’s time to change strategies. Real estate marketing is a notoriously tough and unique subject to manage. So many seem to do it wrong, and most of us have no clue where to begin when it comes to bringing in the right clients or establishing a long-term brand strategy.

If you’re confused in your real estate marketing efforts, here are 4 surefire tips on how to adapt your real estate marketing.

Set yourself apart

Great branding and marketing entail displaying the uniqueness of your service. Your client base should be able to recognize why you are different from the competition. This should be evident in every area and brand touchpoint. Consider how to boil down the unique advantage you offer into a set of copy and brand touchpoints that can be repeated.

Put the customer first

In the real estate market especially, word-of-mouth marketing counts far more than any billboard ever could. People will only recommend an agent that they genuinely trust and respect, and the only way to establish that trust and respect is by treating your clients well. No one wants to be treated like the next sale opportunity.

Provide value

Your marketing efforts — both online and in-person — should provide value to your customers in a way that drives engagement. When you provide real value to your clients, you encourage their participation in your brand. Online articles, videos, and tutorials should provide tangible benefits to potential homeowners. In light of this, your marketing shouldn’t seem like “marketing.” It shouldn’t point directly to your brand or to you as a realtor. Rather, it should point to your client and to their needs.

Educate your clients

Another vital aspect of real estate marketing is the way that you empower your clients. By providing your clients with the tools that they need to understand the current market and how their home-buying decisions factor in, your build trust and integrity between yourself and your clients. Become the expert in your field, and be willing to share that expertise with potential clients.

If you’re struggling with creating a consistent client base, try a few of these strategies.